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Release Date:Aug 2021


Your beard has been stolen! You and your loyal dog Leo must investigate the people and places of Beardsville to solve the crime. Uncover conspiracies, find new beards, and don't forget to pick up the groceries in this charming town of bearded intrigue.

Who Stole My Beard is a retro style RPG about friendship, social conformity and a dog called Leo. The player controls Indie, or Indie's dog Leo, on a journey to recover his stolen beard. Set in the seemingly idlylic town of Beardsville, where the law requires every citizen to have a beard, our protagonists must sleuth around while wearing fake beards to avoid getting arrested and evicted. With a unique battle system, challenging and original puzzles, and hundreds of characters to interact with, this is a game about storytelling and the immersive, escapist atmosphere reminiscent of classics like Monkey Island, Stardew Valley and To The Moon. Help Indie and friends uncover the culprit who stole his prize winning beard, and enjoy the tale as a more sinister and far reaching conspiracy unveals itself in the city of Beardsville.


Who Stole My Beard started as an idea when reading my young daughter a book which she found hilarious, called I Want My Hat Back. In jest one day saying I want my beard back the idea evolved into a possible story about lost or stolen beards in police state world where beards were mandatory. Later, after our family dog (Leo) died I was inspired to create something interesting in his memory, and the final idea for the game came together - a Holmes and Watson type detective story featuring the player and his sidekick (Leo), racing against time to find the lost beard and explore the city in which they lived. Though the original goal was to produce a simple, short story based game it slowly became a larger game with a custom battle system, lots more puzzles and more areas to discover.


  • Explore Beardsville. The suburbs, university, museum, park, city hall and industrial districts are just a few of the places to visit.
  • Solve puzzles and unlock new beards to gain access to restricted areas and clues.
  • Fulfill the townsfolk's requests. Sometimes a cup of coffee can be the start of a beautiful relationship. Fulfilling the requests of the townsfolk will earn you their favor and trust, unlocking new avenues of investigation.
  • Collaborate with your dog, Leo, to discuss case clues, suspects and plan of action. He may be a little sardonic, but he tells a great dad joke.
  • Fight off the Beardsville Police in a unique puzzle-based, stealth battle system.
  • Retro style, unique and charming artwork and music.
  • - Hours of cozy gameplay
    - A charming cast of over 200 unique (and bearded) characters
    - Unique, card/puzzle based battle system
    - Immersive story rich with mystery, side plots and conspiracy!
    - Many different types of puzzles: escape-rooms, logic, riddles, code breaking, and more
    - Original artwork
    - Dad jokes
    - Beards!
  • Oh, and did we mention time travel?

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Selected Feedback

  • "I liked the game, there was a pleasant residue on my soul. We can say that I have been playing the games of the 90s. It's been 20 years since I've seen such an interesting RPG since King's Bounty. It took 2.5 days to complete, I didn't sleep one night."
  • "It's probably the best modern-city RPG map I've ever seen. Seems so much like a real city, but at the same time makes me want to explore every street of it. This game has now got my full attention."
  • "You can tell a lot of love has gone into this game and there were many aspects I loved! Although on the surface it looks like a typical 'RPG Maker' game, there is so much depth and attention to detail gone into this game that makes it stand out from the rest. "
  • "There's lots to do. The non-linear nature of things really appeals to me, and I can imagine investing quite a bit of time in trying to get all quests. The "world" appears small on first glance at the map, but when you start exploring it you realize that it takes a while to get round it all."

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Neil Collier
Founder, Programmer, Writer, Creative Director

Lanot Designs

Victor Herrera Calvo
Audio Composition/Design


Neil Collier




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